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14 May
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These Graphics...

...Chip made them. Chip, sm_marionette, does not take kindly to the theft of her pretty things as I'm sure you can guess. Honeslty, no body likes when someone steals on purpose; accidents are different -- ignorance of the maker is not stealing, just carelessness. But that's a different story. Anyway...Chip makes some graphics that she keeps just for herself and for her special friends. These graphics are kept here and those particular entries are friend-locked. However, the public ones are the things people can have (with proper credits of course) as long as they comment to say they're taking a few. Also, share and share alike people. It's only nice.

Also, Chip has a graphics community for people to join. A graphics community which supports all graphics of any entertainer in any country, culture, nation, etc. You should all join it. Yeah. Definitely.

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